meet Our faculty

Tammi McGrathTammi McGrath, Director

Tammi is a graduate of Hilltop School's Kindergarten. She was raised in Haverhill and has attended West Congregational church for her whole life. Tammi is married with two sons and a grandson. She has worked at Hilltop since 1985 and has taught the three and four year old classes. In 1998, Tammi became the assistant to the Director and in 2006 was promoted to Director of Hilltop School.

She brings to Hilltop a gift of administration and a love for children and teachers. She is sure you'll love the sunny classrooms, safe toys, and large fenced –in play yards complete with swings, sandboxes and climbers.

To register, call Mrs. McGrath at (978) 373-6663 and schedule a tour of our facility.

Noelle SmithKerri Bergeron

Kerri is married and a mother of 4 children and has her teaching certificate from New Hampshire.




Carol BoyntonCarol Boynton

Carol has been working at Hilltop School since 1981. She has taught both 3 and 4 year olds. She is currently teaching in the 4 yr old preK class. She is a member of West Congregational Church. She has been married for 43 years and has two children and five grandchildren and one great grandchild. She has enjoyed teaching children about Jesus and His love for them for many years.

JennJenn Clark

Jenn has worked at Hilltop School since 2009, teaching the three year old preschool class. She has a passion for teaching children about God and is also the head of West Congregational Church's childrens' ministry. She is married and has five children.

Jan NatalinoDarlene Miller

Since 2015 Darlene has been crosstrained to work in all of the classrooms and assist in the office at Hilltop, She has her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Northeastern University. Prior, she worked for UPS for 12 yrs. as an Account Executive. She is married with a daughter who attends Bradford Christian Academy. She met most of the Hilltop children teaching first grade Sunday school at West. She strives with passion to plant a seed and make a positive imprint on the children's hearts with God's word.

Jan NatalinoJan Natalino

Jan has always had a passion for teaching and is currently teaching Pre-K at Hilltop. With a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and a Master's degree in Reading/Learning Disabilities, Jan has been working in education for over 4 decades. Her past experience includes teaching in the Haverhill public schools and Northern Essex Community College, being Administrator of The Village School in Boxford, Ma, operating her own in-home daycare, and teaching at Calvary Christian School in Derry, NH. As a Christian for over 30 years, Jan is a strong advocate for Christian education. She has four children, eight grandchildren, and two dogs.

Karen RousseauKaren Rousseau

Karen has worked at Hilltop for over 20 years. She is married and has two daughters and one son. She is especially excited to have 3 grandchildren. Karen considers it a blessing to be part of the children and families of Hilltop School and looks forward to many more years of service.


Noelle SmithGina Santomassino

Gina currently is teaching the toddlers at Hilltop School. Prior to Hilltop she taught at St. Elizabeth's Children's Center in Brighton for 5 years and the YMCA in Lawrence for 3 years.
She is married and has 4 children, 3 of her daughters attended Hilltop School. Gina is Preschool and Infant/Toddler certified and continues to work on her education at Northern Essex Community College.

Noelle SmithMaggie Santomassino

Maggie has worked at Hilltop since 2013. She attended Hilltop when she was three years old. Maggie is currently teaching in the three year old class. She continues to pursue her degree in the early childhood program at Northern Essex Community College.

Priscilla SmithPriscilla Smith

Priscilla has worked at Hilltop since 2003. She has her Bachelor's degree in Family Studies from Merrimac College. Priscilla comes from a close-knit family of eight. She loves teaching and believes that Hilltop is where God wants her to be. Currently Priscilla teaches the three year olds.

Priscilla SmithErica Spohr

Erica has been involved with Hilltop School since 1996. She was a teachers assistant. Currently, Erica has received her Early Education certificate from the Department of Early Education and Care through Northern Essex Community College.
She attends West Congregational Church, and has a young son.

Sheri WilliamsSheri Williams

Sheri has been working at Hilltop School since 1999 and is currently teaching in the Kindergarten class. Prior to Hilltop, she taught preschool and kindergarten at Sweethill Kindergarten and Hampstead Village Preschool. She also worked in a family daycare and then ran her own in-home daycare. Sheri is married and has three children and one granddaughter, who attends Hilltop. She is very involved in her church and has been on two missions trip to Louisiana to help build homes for hurricane victims.